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I have always been a fan of hip-hop music, even went as far as dropping some joints of my own but sometimes you need to find your calling and pursue it. One thing I have always struggled with is the ego most artists have. Many upcoming talents try so much to be independent and mark their territory that their confidence can easily turn into arrogance. However today we talk to a crew that has managed to remain humble and continue to make good music.


Lemapi entertainment is an independent record label from Nellmapius that has managed to make good music and continue growing since it’s founding in 2012. The group was founded by Pretoria based producer/rapper Tshepo (Teeza) Mashilo. Lemapi is home to talented artists like Krayze, Scarra, 3two1 and Teeza.

When the label was first founded the idea was to recruit potential talent from Cap-city and present them with a platform that would allow them to do what they know best whilst pushing and working harmoniously and unanimously. The talent signed to the label are solo artists who respect each others craft and support one another something lacking in the local hip-hop scene.


Since 2012 the label has continued to enhance their endeavour and grow as a brand. Artist signed to the label have dropped their projects and shot videos which have been a good rep to the Cap-city hip-hop scene. Tracks like ‘Wantonga and Hello’ have videos that have been aired on Channel O.

2013 was epic for artists signed to Lemapi entertainment as the crew was part of the initiative by Redtapes dubbed “kasi 2 kasi Tour”. During the tour they performed alongside artists like Flex Boogie, N’veigh, Pdot O, Boy Peza and many others. The tour was just a tip of the iceberg as the artists signed to Lemapi have been making waves with local radio specifically Tshwane FM and Mams FM.

Since the label was founded they have encountered various setbacks, which have served as a test of their character. One thing which they have continuously struggled with is securing regular air play especially with major local radio stations. It’s no secret that in SA, music from abroad gets more exposure than locally produced music. The intolerable ego of other upcoming and made artists doesn’t help the situation. However this hasn’t dampened the spirit of these talented rappers as they have continued to persevere.

Lemapi Entertainment is living proof that when one door shuts another one simultaneously opens. Although the label has had difficulties with having their music broadcast on major radio stations, through their hustle songs like Unorthodox Ambition by 3TWO1 ft. Scarra has had heavy rotations on Tshwane FM. During 2013 the group has managed to get an interview with one of the leading hip-hop magazines, HYPE magazine online.


Lemapi Entertainment was founded by Tshepo Mashilo a very ambitions and out going lad born in Mpumalanga. At an early age he moved to hammanskraal where he was raised by his grandparents before he moved to Nellmapius to live with his parents. Tshepo otherwise known as Teeza went to primary school at Mahobotle and completed his Matric from Mamelodi west D4. After matric he enrolled for digital music composition and music production at Boston College and City campus.

The fast growing record label and rappers signed to it haven’t given up on being regulars on the charts of major radio stations. They also plan on shooting more videos for the music they will be dropping this year. But most importantly they’re hoping if all things go well they can go on a nation wide tour to promote their music and brand.

Although artists signed to Lemapi are solo artists they are currently working as a unit on a project which will see them release a mixtape as one dubbed ‘Lemapi Episode I’. They are also planning on dropping solo projects which will help build their hype and expand their reach.

Followers and those wishing to book these aspiring artists can easily get hold of them by sending them an email at, or simply follow them on the following twitter handles. @Team_LemapiEnt (#LemapiEnt), @Teeza_lemapi, @koki_krayze, @Scarra_dzuey, @3TWO1_ishuu and download their latest single on the link


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